ASPIRE Aspiration Platform
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The FDA cleared ASPIRE Mechanical Thrombectomy System includes high-performance mechanical aspirators and thrombectomy catheters to improve mechanical thrombectomy.

Thrombectomy needs vary based on the size, location, and age of thrombus. Sometimes subtle low aspiration force is needed, other times full force is required. Certain procedures may benefit from pulsed aspiration to cycle between full force and no force. In other situations, maintaining high continuous force over time may be needed. Standard syringes lack this versatility.

The ASPIRE Mechanical Aspirator delivers new control during thrombectomy. Users can instantly start, stop, increase, decrease, or pulse aspiration with the squeeze of their hand.

MAX Thrombectomy Catheters complement the ASPIRE Mechanical Aspirator creating a best-in-class mechanical mechanical thrombectomy system to remove thrombus.


*System includes ASPIRE Aspirator, Aspiration Catheter, 250ml Drain Bag, and Connection Tube
Drain bag required for all procedures. Y-Adapter and/or Touhy require for aspiration over the wire with MAX OTW Catheters
Single use only. See instructions for use for instructions, warnings, and caution statements.
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